About Us

Faichney Medical Company (FMC) was founded in 1880. FMC has thrived, first as an independent company, then as a division of Chesebrough-Ponds, and since 2003 as a branch of Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd which is a subsidiary of Opto Circuits (India) Ltd. Through the years medical professionals recognized the Faichney name as synonymous with excellence in thermometer manufacturing. They still do! Well into our second century this commitment to quality and accuracy continues with our Faichney® and LifeAid® electronic actual-reading digital clinical thermometers. Faichney, a leading manufacturer of high quality thermometers, offers the very latest in technology, resulting in state-of-the-art products for both consumers and medical professionals. 

FMC is one of the top-rated US distributors in the thermometer business and we are the only one that manufactures our own product. Our US Head Office & Distribution Center is located in Cerritos California. Our LifeAid® label is one of the fastest growing retail brands in North America. 

We have a complete line of thermometers designed to fill every consumer need at price points that provide high turns and profits and still meet the high standards of medical professionals

Thermometer Evolution

For nearly 200 years, glass-mercury thermometers were the only tools available for measurement of body temperature. Because glass was slow and the danger of injury or toxicity due to mercury was becoming unacceptable, electronic predictive thermometers were developed.

Although fast, the final temperature indication may not always be accurate, because it’s not a measured value but a calculated value. Ear (tympanic) thermometers seemed to be a better answer for a while. However, they’re difficult to use on younger children, require expensive probe covers and, they’ve proven to be technique-dependent… especially in the untrained hands of worried parents. 

The actual-reading digital thermometer, addresses the final temperature shortcomings of the predictive thermometer without sacrificing speed. Our thermometer surpasses the tympanic (ear) thermometer because ours is much easier to use, requires no expensive probe covers and costs less than 1/3 the price of the ear thermometer.

Our Facilities
  • Two locations: Bengaluru, the IT capital of India & Visakhapatnam, a Free Trade Zone
  • A team of skilled Engineers & Technicians
  • A combined manufacturing area of 74,000 square feet
  • Multi-shift Operation