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Acurate Thermometers

Accurate Thermometers

Don't waste your money on inaccurate readings. Faichney is the only company to sell the actual-reading digital thermometer. This thermometer addresses the accuracy shortcomings of the regular thermometers found in drug stores without sacrificing speed or price.

Whether you are a doctor and need it for your patients or a parent and want it for your family, you deserve the best thermometer available. Faichney thermometers are just that--THE BEST.

Accurate Thermometer
Basal Thermometers

Basal Thermometers

Our basal thermometer has a 1/100th degree scale which allows for more precise temperature taking to help when family planning.

Includes basal thermometer with rigid clinical probe, plastic storage case, detailed instructions and 6 graphs for recording. Packaged in a colorful "window-style" box.

Clinical Thermometers

Clinical Thermometers

Our clinical thermometers, are accurate, reliable and durable. They are designed to last and can handle a beating while continuing to work perfectly, patient after patient.

Our thermometers come in a wide range of styles including one with a soft, flexible clinical probe for patient comfort.

The plastic storage case and operating instructions are packed in a colorful, window style case. Get to know our products and learn more about our extensive line of clinical thermometers.

Veterinary Thermometers

Veterinary Thermometers

Nobody loves pets more than we do. This is evident in the high quality veterinary thermometers that we distribute to veterinarians around the world.

Our veterinary thermometers are heavy duty, safe and incredibly accurate. Whether you are a professional or just a pet owner, our product will serve you well.

Wholesale Bulk Thermometers

Wholesale Thermometers

Faichney Medical also offers wholesale bulk thermometers. We know you only want the best for your patients and that is what we provide. Our hospital grade thermometers give a quick and accurate reading of your patients' temperature. Your job is challenging enough, let Faichney make it a little easier by providing the best thermometer at affordable prices.

Our Company

Our Company

Faichney Medical Company (FMC) was founded in 1880. Through the years, medical professionals recognized the Faichney name as synonymous with excellence in thermometer manufacturing. They still do!

Well into our second century this commitment to quality and accuracy continues with our Faichney® and LifeAid® electronic actual-reading digital clinical thermometers.

Faichney, a leading manufacturer of high quality thermometers, offers the very latest in technology, resulting in state-of-the-art products for both medical professionals and individual customers.

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History of Medical Thermometers

History of Medical Thermometers

The evolution of medical thermometers spans for nearly 200 years. The original measurement of body temperature was a glass-mercury thermometer. These were slow and dangerous and thus an electronic predictive thermometer was created. While providing a quick reading, the final temperature indication of the electronic thermometer is not always accurate. The next medical thermometer was the ear (tympanic) thermometer. While seemingly an improvement, these thermometers posed many challenges and costs.

Finally, the actual-reading digital thermometer was introduced. This is the best and most accurate medical thermometer around today. Our actual-reading digital thermometer solves all of the problems of its predecessors without sacrificing the speed or increasing the price.

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